Program Materials

Below you can download program materials that help educators implement ACT Engage® and students and families understand how using ACT Engage results help students succeed.

Materials for Administrators and Advisors

ACT Engage Users Guide
Designed for Administrators and Advisors. Includes set up, administration, training staff, interpreting and using results, other resources.

ACT Engage College Guide to Using Results
Designed for Administrators and Advisors at the college level. Interpret and use score reports. Test cases to follow as examples. Introduces the idea of using a simple crosswalk of available resources to help the student.

Materials for Students and Families

Why Take ACT Engage College
Introduces ACT Engage to students, provides some brief answers to common questions.

Student Report
This is a sample of a student score report. It includes a student’s ACT Engage scores and descriptions about what the scores mean.

ACT Engage Understanding Your Results College
Describes ACT Engage test results and what the scores mean. Includes a look at each of the individual score scales.