Results and Reports

Student Report

This report features a student’s summary profile of ACT Engage® scores (expressed as both scale scores and percentile scores) and information on how to understand the scores. Further, the Student Report provides interpretive feedback for each ACT Engage scale. The scores are sorted into three categories that help to emphasize the developmental aspect of the feedback:

  • Capitalize on Your Strengths, which includes high scores.
  • Continue to Develop Your Skills, which includes moderate scores.
  • Make Plans for Improvement, which includes low scores.

Finally, the Student Report provides a Recommended Plan of Action to help students get started with their developmental plans.

View a sample Student Report.

Advisor Report

The Advisor Report includes the same information as the Student Report (e.g., summary profile of scores, interpretive feedback, and Recommended Plan of Action). In addition, it contains the Academic Success and Retention indices, predictive scores that can be used to help identify students who may be at risk of academic difficulties or dropout during the transition into postsecondary studies. The index incorporates information from the different ACT Engage scales and self-reported grades and test scores into a single number that facilitates identification of students most at risk.

View a sample Advisor Report.

Roster Report

The Roster Report contains information from all ACT Engage assessments scored in any given batch. It includes students’ names, IDs, GPA and test score information, demographics, ACT Engage scale and percentile scores, the ACT Engage Academic Success and Retention indices, and flags for scoring issues (e.g., missing data, response inconsistency). Those students who were flagged during the scoring process are highlighted in yellow on the roster report for easy identification. The Roster Report is in a Microsoft® Excel format, which gives schools the flexibility of merging ACT Engage scores with other school data.

Download a sample Roster report

Aggregate Report

ACT Engage College provides one aggregate report:

The Aggregate report includes information about all ACT Engage assessments administered by an institution during its window of administration. It features aggregate summaries at the institutional level. Thus, it can be used to identify areas where institution-wide resources or interventions may be needed. The report contains average scores showing how your sample of students scored on the ten ACT Engage scales and the Academic Success and Retention indices.

View a sample Institutional Aggregate Report.