Scores on ACT Engage® Teacher Edition are related to student success. ACT research shows that the scales from ACT Engage Teacher Edition have a moderate to strong relationship with prior grades (median correlation = .42), whether students have failed classes in the past (median correlation = -.27), and subsequent GPA (median correlation = .53).

ACT Engage Teacher Edition provides unique information that is not available from other sources, and this information adds to our ability to predict academic performance. The figure below shows that when the ACT Explore, ACT Engage, and ACT Engage Teacher Edition are used together to predict student success (semester GPA), each of these measures explains a substantial portion of the variability in student performance. Together, they provide a powerful tool for identifying and intervening with students who are at risk.

Note: Based on a linear regression model predicting end-of-semester GPA (R2 = .53).