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Preparing Oklahoma Students for the Future


Challenge: Oklahoma high school students were graduating largely unprepared for entry-level college courses. Wide achievement gaps existed between racial/ethnic groups in Oklahoma schools.

Solution: In addition to raising college admission standards from 11 to 15 required units of core coursework in high school, in 1993 the State Regents implemented all three components of EPAS®EXPLORE® (grade 8), PLAN® (grade 10), and the ACT® test (grade 11 or 12).


  • Nearly 85,000 students benefited from the program in 2003.
  • Rigorous coursetaking increased, particularly among minority students.
  • Students' educational aspirations rise following administration of each EPAS component.
  • More students are taking the ACT.
  • ACT scores rose.
  • Gaps between and among demographic subgroups narrowed.
  • College attendance rates went up.
  • College remediation rates dropped in all content areas.

Print the full report: Preparing Oklahoma Students for the Future (PDF; 116KB, 3 pages)