Past Participants Comments

A Great Conference . . .

“Wonderful keynote speaker… her presentation was perhaps one of the most inspiring and arousing that I have ever witnessed. She is a true gem to the human race.”

“Best conference I have attended thus far! Job well done!”

“Great conference that focused well on my line of work. I love opportunities to ‘show and tell.’ The more schools willing to show off their outreach and recruitment materials and strategies, the better.”

“The best conference ACT has put together so far. Great job!”

“The conference was very well run. Very efficient. The workshops all kept to time which was great. It was a very worthwhile event for me. Although many of the topics were not directly related to my position, I learned a great deal from them. All knowledge is valuable.”

. . . With Great Presenters and Sessions . . .

“I liked that there were community college specific sessions. Thanks!”

“This is an excellent conference. The challenge is always trying to figure out which session to attend since there are so many great sessions. Thank you and all who work with organizing this event. It is truly worth the investment.”

“This was the best use of time in terms of length of conference and quality of presenters/sessions of any conference that I have been to.”

“This was the first time someone from our college attended. It was very well done, including organization, presentation, and presenters.”

. . . That All Add Up to Great Value

“I was very impressed with the customer service of the ACT staff.”

“The ACT Staff was knowledgeable, approachable and a pleasure to work with.”

“Felt it was very well done this year. All relevant and useful information.”

“Honestly, this is one of the best conferences I attended all year. Thanks for all you do! I will be attending my 4th conference next year.”