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How do I get started?
Your college may have already set up an account. Check with the office that normally receives ACT scores. If your college does not have an account, request one here.

How many people at our college can access ACT Essay View?
Each college is given one registration key that establishes an account for the college. As the ACT contact person for your college, you can provide the account login information to as many individuals at your college as you authorize. In fact, ACT encourages you to make this service known to others at the college, including English faculty or others assisting students, or those making decisions on the basis of the ACT writing results.

Whose essays will our college be able to view?
You will be able to view essays by all students who took the ACT writing test and sent an official score report to your college.

When are essay images available?
ACT scores and essay images are typically available 3–8 weeks after the test date.

What type of information is available along with the essay image?
In addition to the image of the actual written response, you will see the student's identification information and the prompt to which the student was asked to respond. You will also see:

  • for test events beginning in September 2015 - the writing score, writing domain scores, Composite score and English score. (See the Sample Student Essay.)
  • for test events prior to September 2015 - comments assigned by one of the readers who scored the essay, the English score, Writing subscore, combined English/Writing score, and Composite score (See the Sample Student Essay.)

What are some suggested ways to use the essay images?
The text of student essays may be used in a variety of ways for all students or subgroups of students. Colleges may wish to incorporate a student's essay as part of their application process with confidence that the essay reflects the individual work of each student. Essays may also be used in individual tutorial sessions with students or as part of an early intervention program. College composition faculty may wish to use the text of the essay written for the ACT writing test as part of their placement program for first-year college composition courses.

Are we able to print or save the essays?
You may view the essays online, print them immediately, or save the images for future access.

Can we find more than one student's essay at a time?
You may perform queries and searches to find and view an individual student's essay or select and view the essays for a group of students.

What if we cannot find the essay for a particular student?
If your college has received an official score report for that student directly from ACT, the essay should be available for you to view. Recheck to be sure that the results you have on file for this student were reported directly to your college from ACT, and not retrieved from any other source such as a high school transcript. If you believe you should be able to view a student's essay, please contact ACT at 319/337-1245.

What if a student takes the ACT writing test more than once?
If the student authorizes reporting of his/her scores each time he/she tests, you will have access to the essay images from all test dates for that student.

Do students have access to ACT Essay View?
No, only high schools and colleges have access to ACT Essay View.

How much does the service cost?
ACT Essay View is provided to your college free of charge with unlimited use.

What if we have questions?
Please call ACT at 319/337-1245 between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., central time, Monday through Friday.