Am I on Track?

After EXPLORE, you might take PLAN next to see if you're learning what you need to know for college.

Students who take PLAN usually do so in the tenth grade.

Your EXPLORE scores can be used to predict how you are likely to do if you take PLAN as a tenth grader and keep working hard.

Estimated PLAN Score Range section from Score Report

The Estimated PLAN Composite Score Range is a prediction about how you are likely to score on PLAN if you take the right courses and work hard in those courses.

You can use these predicted or estimated scores to see if you are on track to achieve the scores you want when you take the ACT later in high school. (See EXPLORE, PLAN, and the ACT.)

Keep in mind that these scores are only estimates, not guarantees. Improving your study habits and taking more challenging courses are likely to improve your PLAN and ACT scores.