Fairness Consulting for ACT

Join the growing number of educators at the elementary, secondary, and college levels nationwide who are fairness consultants for ACT.

To Apply:

Submit the online form via a secure server. After you have submitted the online form, please email your resume (Word or PDF) to UnitTracking@act.org.

Download a printable copy (PDF; 4 pages, 22KB).

Contact us to request a paper copy. Please provide your name and address and indicate that you want a Consultant Questionnaire.

ACT's Commitment to Fairness in Its Test Materials and Testing Practices

It is ACT's goal to accurately assess what students can do with what they know in the content areas covered by ACT's resident testing programs and the numerous K–12 state assessment programs for which ACT develops tests.
If factors other than academic skills and knowledge in these content areas were allowed to intrude, ACT would provide a less accurate picture of what students know and can do and would risk subjecting students to situations in which their performance might be adversely affected by unfair test materials. ACT is therefore committed to fairness both in principle and in the interest of accuracy in all its tests.
ACT endorses the Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education (1988) (opens new window) and the obligations to test takers it imposes on those who develop, administer, and use educational tests and data.
At ACT, the work of ensuring test fairness starts with the design of the test specifications and then continues through every stage of the test development process, including item (question) writing and review, item pretesting, item selection and forms construction, and forms review. ACT makes every effort to see that all the tests are fair to the populations for whom the tests are intended.