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K–12 Programs
ACT develops tests for numerous K–12 state assessment programs. Content areas for these programs include reading, mathematics, and science for grades 3 through 8.

EPAS® (Educational Planning and Assessment System)
The academic tests in the three EPAS programs consist of multiple-choice items in four curriculum areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science.

The every-student EXPLORE® program assesses academic progress at the eighth- and ninth-grade levels, helps students understand and begin to explore the wide range of career options open to them, and assists them in developing a high school coursework plan that prepares them to achieve their post–high school goals.

The tests of the every-student PLAN® program, administered to tenth graders, are designed to measure achievement of the curriculum-related knowledge and complex cognitive skills that are acquired in the early years of high school and are important for later education and careers.

The ACT® tests, typically administered to college-bound eleventh and twelfth graders, are based on and oriented toward the major areas of secondary and postsecondary instructional programs.