Freelance and Item Writing Positions

Item Writers (Education)
ACT item writers are educators like you from across the United States. We work with a diverse group of item writers to help ensure that our English, Reading, Mathematics, and Science Tests represent what is being taught in classrooms nationwide and reflect a balance in gender, race/ethnicity, and geographical representation.

Test Question Writers (Workforce)
WorkKeys test question writers are people with real-world work experience, especially in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, IT, and green jobs. We develop questions from workplace materials that require individuals to read and interpret information, do applied math, and locate information in tables and graphs. Your experience with these types of documents helps us to develop realistic test questions.

Fairness Consultants
ACT's goal in selecting fairness consultants is to find reviewers who will be sensitive to and knowledgeable about the issues of diversity and representation, and who can effectively apply those skills in evaluating the fairness of materials for standardized tests administered at the national and state levels.