ACT Announces Plans for Computer-Based Administration

Posted May 08, 2013

ACT Announces Plans for Computer-Based Administration of the ACT® in Schools

 IOWA CITY, IOWA—ACT today announced plans to offer online, computer-based administration of the ACT college readiness assessment beginning in 2015. The digital version of the exam will be offered only in schools that administer the ACT on a school day as part of their state, district or school assessment programs.

Students will be able to take the electronic version of the ACT on devices such as desktop computers, laptops and tablets. The traditional paper-and-pencil version of the ACT exam will continue to be available to schools that do not have the capability to administer the digital version.

The content of the test will not change—the ACT will remain a curriculum-based achievement exam. The exam will still be scored on the 1 to 36 scoring scale that has been used since the ACT was launched in 1959.

ACT will also offer schools a separate constructed-response battery of questions as an option to supplement the traditional multiple-choice sections of the standard ACT. Constructed-response questions require students to enter their own answer, rather than selecting the best answer from several given choices. The optional constructed-response questions will allow schools to better align their reporting with the Common Core State Standards.