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Richard L. Ferguson, ACT's CEO and Chairman of the Board, answers questions regarding the 2007 ACT score results.

To obtain any or all of these clips in broadcast-quality video, call ACT's Media Relations department at (319) 337-1028.

Question 1
What does the increase in ACT scores over the past several years tell us?

Question 2
What's the bad news in this year's score report?

Question 3
How has college readiness changed this year?

Question 4
What happened with scores among ethnic/racial minority groups this year?

Question 5
What can our schools do to improve college readiness?

Question 6
What can states do to help promote better rigor in their coursework?

Question 7
What needs to be done to improve the rigor of high school coursework?

B-Roll #1

B-Roll #2