National News Release, National and State Readiness Reports

News Releases

National Press Release (PDF; 4 pages, 40KB)

This news release reports information about students in the high school graduating class of 2012 who took the ACT.

National Readiness Report

Condition of College and Career Readiness (PDF; 39 pages, 1.2MB)

The results profiled in this report are based on all students who took the ACT during their sophomore, junior or senior year and who graduated from high school in the spring of 2012.

State Readiness Reports

The Condition of College & Career Readiness report for each state provides information about the performance of 2012 graduating seniors who took the ACT as sophomores, juniors or seniors. The reports focus on performance, access, course selection, course rigor, college readiness, awareness and articulation.

The files are in PDF.

2012 State-by-State ACT Score Summary (4 pages, 131KB)

Each of the files below is about 20 pages long and 2.6MB.

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