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Press Releases

  • ACT Adds Fall Test Date Option for State & District In-School, Weekday Testing

    November 20 2013
    Additional Date Provides Greater Flexibility to States & Districts that Administer the ACT® to All Students IOWA CITY, Iowa—ACT announced today that it will be offering a fall in-school, weekday test date option for states and school districts that administer the ACT college readiness exam to all students as part of their academic assessment programs. [...]
  • Many Students Select a College Major That Doesn’t Fit Their Interests Well

    November 11 2013
    Only about a third of ACT®-tested high school graduates selected a college major that is a good fit with their interests, according to a new research report from ACT titled College Choice Report Part 1: Preferences and Prospects. The findings suggest that high school students need more help planning for college and career—and that the majority want such assistance.
  • Despite Aspirations, Majority of First-Generation College Students are Not Academically Prepared for College Coursework

    November 4 2013
    Most first-generation college students want to attend a postsecondary institution, but the majority are not ready to succeed in key courses when they get there, according to a new report released today by ACT and the Council for Opportunity in Education (COE).
  • New ACT Foundation Envisions a Future Where Performance Matters Most in a National Learning Economy

    October 3 2013
    Today, the new ACT Foundation launched as a national, operating foundation to catalyze and advance a National Learning Economy that will cultivate the success of working learners, businesses, and the nation as a whole.
  • Prominent Assessment Industry Leaders Join ACT in Executive Roles

    August 22 2013
    ACT, the U.S. leader in college and career readiness research and assessment, announced today that two prominent industry veterans are joining the organization’s leadership team to advance its mission and growth.
  • Problemas de preparación académica persistentes entre los egresados de las escuelas secundarias de EE.UU.

    August 21 2013
    Continúan los problemas de preparación para la universidad y una carrera profesional entre los egresados de las escuelas secundarias de EE.UU., ya que la mayoría salen mal preparados para el éxito en el siguiente nivel, se reportó en el último informe anual, “Condition of College & Career Readiness 2013” (El estado de preparación para la educación superior y una carrera profesional 2013), de ACT, una organización sin fines de lucro. No obstante, ACT señala soluciones e iniciativas que se están llevando a cabo que podrían ayudar a mejorar la preparación de los estudiantes en el futuro.
  • Challenges in Readiness Persist Among US High School Grads

    August 21 2013
    College and career readiness problems persist among U.S. high school graduates, with the majority ill-prepared for success at the next level, according to the latest edition of nonprofit ACT’s yearly report, The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2013. ACT, however, points to solutions and ongoing efforts that could help improve student readiness in the future.
  • How Far from Home Do US Students Travel to Attend College?

    July 16 2013
    The greater a student’s academic achievement, the farther away from home that student is likely to attend college, according to a new research report from ACT. The findings of the report, entitled College Choice Report—Part 2: Enrollment Patterns, point to an opportunity to better inform lower-achieving students of the choices available to them.
  • ACT Report Exposes Hidden Skills Gaps Affecting In-Demand Jobs

    July 1 2013
    IOWA CITY, Iowa—Significant foundational skills gaps exist for many current and potential U.S. workers, according to a new report issued today by ACT, the leader in measuring workplace competency. The report investigates the assumption that individuals with a given level of education have the requisite skills for occupations requiring that level of education.
  • ACT Foundation Recognized at Clinton Global Initiative

    June 14 2013
    IOWA CITY, Iowa—The ACT Foundation and its funding partners, the Joyce and Lumina Foundations, were recognized today at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in Chicago. Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced a Commitment to Action, which funds a research partnership with the Business Roundtable to analyze skills credentials that effectively predict workplace success for young, working learners.
  • Many Well-Prepared US High School Grads Don’t Enroll/Persist in College

    June 4 2013
    IOWA CITY, IOWA—Nearly one in five 2011 U.S. high school graduates who were prepared to succeed in first-year college coursework either never enrolled in college or didn’t return for a second year, according to national and state-specific reports from ACT entitled The Reality of College Readiness 2013.
  • Students Win College Scholarships for ACT High School Video Contest Entries

    May 30 2013
    Students Win College Scholarships for ACT High School Video Contest Entries IOWA CITY, Iowa-ACT has announced the winners of its most recent high school video contest. The winners receive college scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000.
  • ACT Defines Work Readiness and Sets Standards and Benchmarks in New Report

    May 29 2013
    ACT released a new report today that establishes, for the first time, a definition of work readiness and defines the types and levels of skills needed to succeed in the workplace. As the leader in creating evidence-based solutions designed to document and develop the skills of America’s workforce, ACT is working to solve the mismatch in worker skills and employer needs.
  • ACT Names National College and Career Readiness Award Recipients

    May 22 2013
    ACT Names National College and Career Readiness Award Recipients IOWA CITY, Iowa—Four honorees received awards last night in Washington, D.C., at the gala which culminated ACT’s inaugural College and Career Readiness Campaign. Receiving awards were: Sheree Gremillion of Florence, Alabama (Student Readiness Award) Rufus King International School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (College and Career Transition Award) [...]
  • ACT Announces Plans for Computer-Based Administration

    May 8 2013
    ACT today announced plans to offer online, computer-based administration of the ACT college readiness assessment beginning in 2015. The digital version of the exam will be offered only in schools that administer the ACT on a school day as part of their state, district or school assessment programs.
  • ACT Research Points to Continued Gap Between High School Preparation, College Expectations

    April 17 2013
    Findings from the latest ACT National Curriculum Survey®, released today, point to a continued gap between what high schools are teaching and what colleges expect their incoming students to know. ACT’s report, which focuses on the policy implications of the survey results, suggests this gap may indicate a lack of alignment between high school and college curricula that could be contributing to the nation’s college and career readiness problem. The survey results show more than three times as many high school teachers as college instructors believe their students are prepared to succeed in college courses.
  • Alabama First State to Approve Use of ACT Aspire Assessment System

    April 12 2013
    Alabama First State to Approve Use of ACT Aspire™ Assessment System IOWA CITY, IOWA—The Alabama State Board of Education has approved the statewide use of ACT Aspire, ACT’s new assessment system, making Alabama the first state in the nation to do so. The state will implement ACT Aspire as Alabama’s summative assessment for grades 3 [...]
  • ACT Announces Changes to ACT Test Schedule for International Students

    April 10 2013
    ACT announced two improvements to its testing schedule for the ACT Test, beginning with the 2013–2014 academic year, for students outside the United States and Canada.
  • ACT Launches College and Career Readiness Campaign

    March 14 2013
    ACT today launches an annual College and Career Readiness Campaign to celebrate achievement and create awareness around the goal of college and career readiness for all. As one component of the campaign, ACT will work with top state officials to recognize efforts in advancing college and career readiness within their state through a new annual awards program.
  • Students Win College Scholarships for Their ACT High School Video Contest Entries

    March 4 2013
    ACT has announced the winners of its annual high school video contest for 2013. The winners receive college scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000. The 10 winning videos were selected from entries submitted from students in 36 different states. First- and second-place prizes were awarded in five categories.
  • Three Students Win College Scholarships

    February 13 2013
    ACT has announced the winners of its annual high school poster contest for 2013. The winning students were selected from nearly 700 entries submitted from 48 different states.