San Francisco Giants, O’Connell Recognize Six Northern California Students for Top Scores on ACT Test

Posted May 14, 2008

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Six Northern California high school students were recognized by the San Francisco Giants and Jack O'Connell, state superintendent for public instruction, for earning top scores of 36 on their ACT test during the 2007–08 school year.Students received awards prior to the start of the May 13 game against the Houston Astros at AT&T Park.

The students are: Malik Coleman, a student at Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek; Brianna Doherty, a student at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento; Jeffrey W. Doong, a student at Leland High School in San Jose; Toby Hammett, a student at Sonoma Valley High School in Sonoma; and Casey McNamara, a student at Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos. Archit Sheth-Shah, a student at Lynbrook High School in San Jose was unable to attend the event.

Photo of California students
Pictured at the San Francisco Giants game on Tuesday, May 13 are (left to right) Malik Coleman of Las Lomas High School in Walnut Creek; Brianna Doherty of Rio Americano High School in Sacramento; Jeffrey W. Doong of Leland High School in San Jose; Toby Hammett of Sonoma Valley High School in Sonoma; and Casey McNamara of Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos. Pictured with them are ACT Assistant Vice President (West Region) Ernest Valdez and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell.

The ACT test consists of tests in English, mathematics, reading and science. Each test is scored on a scale of 1–36, and a student's composite score is the average of the four test scores. ACT scores are accepted at all colleges and universities across the nation.

Coleman and Sheth-Shah were two of four California students to earn a score of 36 on the September 15, 2007, national test date when more than 11,000 ACT tests were administered in the state. Nationally, more than 110,000 students took the test and only 22 earned a 36 score.

Doherty, Doong and Hammett were three of California's top-score earning ACT test-takers on the October 27, 2007, national test date. Nearly 25,000 California students took the test on that date while more than 475,000 tests were administered nationwide. Nationally, only 63 students earned a 36 score on the October test date.

McNamara was one of three California students earning a 36 score on the February 9, 2008, national test date when more than 4,000 students took the test in the state. Nationally, nearly 300,000 tests were administered and 56 students earned the top score of 36 on that test date.

All of the students will graduate in 2008 with the exception of McNamara and Sheth-Shah, who will graduate in 2009.

Students who earn a top ACT score should have a choice of the widest possible range of future educational options.