ACT Online Prep

A new version of ACT Online Prep™ is available now!

Highlights include:

  • New learning content – Use our library of lessons to review content assessed on the ACT® in all four subject tests.
  • Personalized learning path – Students may complete an abbreviated ACT test to get a predicted score range. The system will create a learning path specific to their individual needs.
  • Guided plan – ACT Online Prep will guide students through their necessary courses using the most efficient schedule possible based on their planned test date.
  • Tests – Our full-length practice test (which will give students a predicted ACT score) and practice questions are designed to simulate the actual exam, helping students get used to the content and format of the ACT so there will be no surprises on test day.
  • Instructor dashboards – Keep track of your students’ progress at the aggregate classroom level and the individual student level.

A free mobile app will be included with your order so your students can review for the ACT anytime, anywhere.

The new ACT Online Prep benefits students and educators.


  • You can see your students' progress
    Stay updated on how long your students are spending inside the system, how they’re performing on the practice questions and tests, and the areas in which your whole class may need some targeted help.
  • Students will stay on track with their learning path.
    The ACT Online Prep system drives students through the courses so they can review independently, at their own pace, without falling behind.
  • Students will get used to the format of the ACT.
    Using the practice questions and tests, students will familiarize themselves with the structure of the actual ACT test. There will be no surprises on test day for your students.

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Student view: Students use our huge collection of practice questions to test their knowledge and get used to the content and format of the ACT.

Student view: This is students' home base – where they’ll check in to make sure they're on track with their learning path, see how their scores are improving, and see how their progress compares to other ACT Online Prep users.