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Making a Career Change

If you’re thinking about changing careers, you’ll want to survey your options and make sure you understand the demands and opportunities a new career would offer.

ACT has information that can help you.


ACT’s WorkKeys system can help answer your questions, especially if you are wondering:

  • What skills are needed for the job I want?
  • Where can I acquire the necessary skills?

Visit our online directory to learn where WorkKeys services are available in your community, or contact ACT at or 800.WORKKEY (967.5539).

Occupational Profiles

ACT conducts thousands of job analysis studies to identify the WorkKeys skills needed to perform tasks associated with actual jobs. Multiple studies are consolidated into occupational profiles that summarize results that apply to families of jobs. Occupational profiles help people identify jobs they are qualified to fill and the skills they need for the jobs they are seeking.

Visit to learn more about Occupational Profiles and review the results.