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What Courses Does Your Child Need for College?

ACT has suggested a core curriculum to prepare for college-level work. Make sure your child checks the requirement for the colleges and programs in which he or she is interested to see if additional classes are needed.

ACT recommends that students take a core curriculum of at least:

The number one reason to take the right courses is to prepare to do college work and avoid the need to take remedial courses in college. It's a waste of time and money to take basic courses in college that a student should have taken in high school.

And worse yet, a student can become discouraged and drop out. ACT research shows that one-fourth of college students don't return for their second year of school, and only half graduate from the same school within five years. Many students aren't completing their college degrees, and a big reason is that they aren't prepared to do the work.

Explain to your child that the idea is to get through college, not just into college.