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Gain an Ally in the College Planning Process:
the School Counselor

The school and college admissions counselor at your child's school can be a great ally and resource in the college planning process. For parents of high school juniors, this is a great time to learn how to work with your child's counselor to get through the college planning process.

Many counselors conduct informational meetings on everything from a general overview of the step-by-step planning calendar to working sessions on filling out financial aid forms. Find out where these sessions are publicized so you can watch for upcoming dates.

Partner with the counselor by understanding how to best communicate with him or her, whether by phone, email or in person during assigned office hours. Keep in mind that while the counselor is dedicated to helping your child with finding the right college, researching careers and providing recommendation letters, he or she is also doing the same for many other students. Be mindful of deadlines and considerate of the counselor's time.

Counselors want your child to succeed. Together, you can help your child achieve that goal.