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Why It's Important to Avoid Senioritis

Is there a raging case of senioritis in your house?

Do you have a teenager slumping or slacking? It's a time-honored tradition at the end of our basic education: relax the last few months. While that hasn't changed, colleges and universities keep close tabs on their incoming freshmen in the last few months of high school.

Colleges and universities accept students based on their demonstrated ability to be successful at their school. Colleges have been known to withdraw offers of acceptance based on a high school senior's performance within the last semester. Students who don't demonstrate discipline and focus may not succeed within a school's curriculum.

Once they are at school, that ability to stay focused and work diligently also is good preparation for dealing with the constancy and expectations of college-level work. ACT's own data show that more than one-fourth of college students don't return for their second year of college. In the spirit of finishing what you started, getting through a full-blown case of senioritis shows an ability to see projects to fruition.

So how do you keep your child motivated?

Here are a few suggestions:

Encourage your student to work hard through the end of the year.