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Frequently Asked Questions about the EXPLORE® Test

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Using EXPLORE and PLAN to Get Ready for College
This five-minute video illustrates how ACT's EXPLORE and PLAN programs can help students get ready for college.

Using EXPLORE, PLAN and ACT test scores

The EXPLORE® program prepares eighth- and ninth-graders for their high school coursework and their post–high school choices. EXPLORE tests have content similar to the PLAN® and the ACT®.

Why should my kid take EXPLORE?

EXPLORE helps students identify areas of academic strength and weakness in four areas important for success in college and the workplace—English, math, reading, and science. Since EXPLORE is a curriculum-based test, EXPLORE scores show the knowledge and skills that students are likely to have in each of these areas.

EXPLORE also includes a career planning component design to help students consider possible career options.

EXPLORE can provide your son/daughter with an early indicator of readiness for college, provide important information for building a high school course plan, and help him/her identify careers in which he/she might be interested.

What's the test like?

EXPLORE includes four multiple-choice tests covering English, mathematics, reading, and science—the same subjects covered by the ACT test.

Subject Number of Questions How Long It Takes
English 40 30 minutes
Math 30 30 minutes
Reading 30 30 minutes
Science 28 30 minutes

EXPLORE also includes a 72 item interest inventory that asks questions about the types of work tasks you would or would not like to do.

How do we sign up?

EXPLORE is ordered and administered by schools or school districts. Check with the guidance office at your school to see if EXPLORE is offered.