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Frequently Asked Questions About the PLAN® Test

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Using EXPLORE and PLAN to Get Ready for College
This five-minute video illustrates how ACT's EXPLORE and PLAN programs can help students get ready for college.

Using EXPLORE, PLAN and ACT test scores

Valuable for all 10th-grade students, the PLAN test measures academic progress in high school. It is designed to improve students' preparation for education, training, and work after high school while they still have time to adjust their high school courses. PLAN has content similar to the ACT® test.

Why should my kid take PLAN?
What subjects does the PLAN test cover and how long does it take?
How do we sign up?

Why should my kid take PLAN?

Taking PLAN is a great way to prepare for the ACT. In fact, students who take PLAN tend to score higher on the ACT than students who do not take PLAN.

It covers the same subjects—English, mathematics, reading, and science—and provides an estimated ACT score.

PLAN points out academic strengths and areas where improvement is needed and lets students know if they're on track for college.

PLAN helps them find careers that match their interests and even helps connect them with colleges interested in them.

What subjects does the PLAN test cover and how long does it take?

PLAN includes four multiple-choice tests covering English, mathematics, reading, and science.

Subject Number of Questions How Long It Takes
English 50 30 minutes
Math 40 40 minutes
Reading 25 20 minutes
Science 30 25 minutes

PLAN also includes a 72-item interest inventory that asks questions about the types of work tasks students would or would not like to do.

How do we sign up?

PLAN is ordered and administered by schools or school districts. Check with the guidance office at your school to see if PLAN is offered.