Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of research supports the use of ACT Plan?

When should I administer ACT Plan?
ACT Plan can be administered anytime during the school year that is convenient for the school/district.

What should I consider when implementing ACT Plan?

  • When and how you would administer ACT Plan
  • What data you need for your school
  • How you will share this information with students, parents, and teachers
  • Will you share this information at school board meetings, back-to-school night, parent/teacher conferences, and other occasions?

What kind of test prep should students do for ACT Plan?
ACT Plan is a curriculum-based achievement test that assesses students in four core areas of their studies. As a result, the best test prep for a student is to take a rigorous curriculum and to understand the content and format of the test. Prior to test day, refer your students to the ACT Plan student website at for test prep information and distribute Why Take ACT Plan? (PDF; 2 pages).

Are ACT Plan standards aligned to Common Core?
ACT college readiness standards are aligned to Common Core. Our longitudinal data and long-standing commitment to all students becoming college and career ready uniquely established ACT as a valuable partner in—and advocate for—the Common Core State Standards Initiative. ACT's College Readiness Standards, upon which ACT Plan is based, are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. ACT data were used to develop the Common Core State Standards, which reflect a shared goal of preparing students for credit-bearing college courses and for careers and are consistent with international standards that promote high student performance.

Who can access ACT Plan data, and what should we do when we receive the results?
Student reports are provided to students and families. District and school reports are available to principals and district administrators. Share and USE the data with these resources:

For School/District Faculty and Counselors
For Parents and Students

Can ACT Plan data feed into my local student data system?
Yes. ACT Plan data files are currently delivered on a CD that can be easily uploaded to your local student data system.