Your Plans for High School

Compare Your Courses to "Core" College Prep Courses

When you took PLAN, you were asked about the courses you plan to take in high school. This section of your Score Report compares your plans to our recommendations for "core" college prep courses.

Your High School Course Plans section from Score Report

In this example, the student should take at least one more year of science.

See your counselor if your high school course plans fall short of our "core" college prep course recommendations.

Your Reported Needs

When you took PLAN, you were asked whether or not you needed help in seven different areas. Areas checked on your report are the areas you said you needed help with.

Your Reported Needs section from Score Report

Do you see a need for help in areas where your test scores are weakest? How did your scores compare to those of other students? Be sure to talk about this with your parents, teachers, or school counselor.

This is the best way to make sure you get the help you need in high school.