Instead of a specialized, limited curriculum, ACT QualityCore offers flexible components to improve and align your current high school curriculum and instructional materials.

Instructional Resources

From course standards to test blueprints and model instructional units, ACT QualityCore's breadth and depth of educational resources allow educators to customize instruction to meet their particular students' needs.

Test Builder/Formative Item Pools

ACT QualityCore's online interactive formative item pools provide educators with customizable quizzes and interim benchmark assessments, saving time while ensuring that teachers identify trouble spots in student learning in a timely way.

End-of-Course Assessments

ACT QualityCore's end-of-course assessments provide educators with constructed-response and multiple-choice options to evaluate student gains in achievement course by course.

Score Reports & Progress Reporting

Online reports provide local, state, and national comparisons of students' performance within each course, as well as evaluate students' progress toward college readiness unique to each course.

Chromebook Compatibility (New in 2015)

The new platform for ACT QualityCore will be fully supported on Chromebooks.