Score Reports

QualityCore score reports provide actionable information on student achievement.

Reports are delivered online through a secure, user-friendly interface. Individual and group achievement data can be aggregated based on user role. For example:

  • For Teachers—Student and Classroom Reports
  • For District Administrators—Student, Classroom, School, and District Reports
  • For State Administrators—Student, Classroom, School, District, and State Reports

Reports provide local, state, and national comparisons of students' performance within each course, as well as evaluate students' progress toward college and career readiness unique to each course. The QualityCore End-of-Course Assessment score reports also include estimated student scores on the PLAN® and ACT® assessments, which help teachers and students evaluate student progress toward college and career readiness.

Reports may be printed and/or downloaded in a format suitable for ad hoc reports and analyses.

Progress Monitoring

Because all QualityCore course standards and materials are based upon the College Readiness Benchmarks, educators have a variety of ways to track progress toward readiness throughout a student's education:

  • QualityCore End-of-Course Assessment reports include an estimated PLAN/ACT score that gives students and teachers an easy way to identify how well prepared students are for college and career readiness
  • Students' progress can be measured through multiple courses within each subject area (e.g., English 9, 10, 11, and 12)
  • Live, interactive, online reporting identifies students' progress toward specific course standards compared to others in their cohort or district

Sample Reports:

Score Report Interpretation Guides:

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