Why Use ACT QualityCore?


What can schools and districts accomplish with ACT QualityCore?

Schools and districts across the country can use ACT QualityCore to increase students’ college and career readiness by raising the overall quality of high school core courses. ACT QualityCore helps teachers focus on the essential skills students need most to be ready for success.

With ACT QualityCore, educators can:

  • Focus on fewer, clearer, and higher course standards
  • Use formative assessments to guide instruction and make targeted interventions
  • Measure student progress through benchmarks and end-of-course assessments
  • Provide professional development resources and training opportunities for teachers and leaders
  • Customize instruction to the needs of specific classrooms, schools, and districts

Rigor in Practice

Read Raising the Bar, the research study about using ACT QualityCore data to set a baseline for growth in core high school courses.

Decades of ACT research make it clear: it's not just the number of classes a student takes, but what happens in those classes that matters most. For all of your students to be ready for college or career, they must prepare for and have access to high-quality, rigorous instruction in core subjects. Unfortunately, that's often not the case—even in classrooms within the same schools across the nation. Only 28% of 2015 ACT-tested high school graduates were ready for college-entry courses in all four core subject areas of English, math, social studies, and science without the need for remediation.

Infuse Rigor into Your Curriculum

In partnership with the nation's leading educators, ACT's research and development teams designed ACT QualityCore® to raise the quality and intensity of high school core courses.

Instead of a specialized, limited curriculum, ACT QualityCore offers five flexible components to better support your current curriculum and instructional methods. Read about ACT QualityCore's primary components

With ACT QualityCore:

  • Students will be confident that, upon graduation from high school, they will be academically prepared for college or workplace training programs
  • Teachers will be armed with the resources, tools, and training they need to successfully reach and teach all students in their classrooms
  • Principals will be assured that what's being taught in the classroom is effective, targeted, and customized to meet students' needs for college and career readiness
  • Superintendents will be certain that the quality of instruction and the intensity of learning are consistent in each classroom and each school
  • States will realize the benefit of a well-educated citizenry

What Educators Are Saying about ACT QualityCore

"I would absolutely recommend this program to other schools. I'm a believer. I love it. I highly recommend it and I think it is a very simple process to get started. It is great for all students—it raises the bar for all kids, not just the high achieving kids."John Spieser
Principal, Little Miami High School, Ohio
"ACT QualityCore has given us a reason to look at the things we are doing in real time to make sure that our students are college ready, as opposed to waiting for state testing reports that are two years old. ACT QualityCore really helps teachers to immediately gauge the effectiveness of instruction and curriculum. We also use it to give projections to make sure that we put students in the most rigorous classes possible. We had twice as many students recommended for rigorous honors courses by using the ACT QualityCore projection data as compared to making decisions from teacher recommendations alone."Tom Fry
Director, Data, Research, and Accountability, Olentangy School District, Ohio

As a result of implementing more rigor into the classroom, teachers saw increases in grade point averages—and not just among the high-achieving students.

"We saw increases in the low and middle achievers too, because of the rigor and relevance in the classroom. The focus began to shift to all students, not just those who were already successful. We are all surprised by how rapidly the changes have taken place—we have only used ACT QualityCore for one-and-a-half years."High school principal