2014 Alabama Award Recipients

Student Readiness Award Recipient: Jared Crawford

Photo of Jared Crawford Jared Crawford, Alabama Student Readiness Award recipient, has developed a strong passion for robotics. He plans to cultivate that passion in college.

At the age of eighteen, Jared already has an impressive resume. Jared participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition, where he has been head programmer and team captain since the tenth grade. Jared also participates in academic team competitions like the National NOBCChE Science Bowl Team and is a member of the Alabama state team in the SAEOPP High Quiz Bowl Competition. His teams have received numerous honors and awards.

A leader inside and outside the classroom, Jared has chosen to share his passion for learning with others. Lana Culver, Jared’s guidance counselor, wrote, “Jared has played an integral part in developing an ACT prep course to help his fellow classmates.” By meeting with students a few hours per week, Jared has helped his peers become better prepared.

By his junior year, Jared had already completed calculus I and II as well as a nuclear fundamentals course. Jared manages to take the most rigorous coursework offered by Section High School, lead extracurricular academic teams, and maintain a job.

“At an early age, Jared demonstrated an eagerness to learn and possessed the drive to push himself to acquire the knowledge needed to take classes at an earlier grade,” Culver said.

Jared has been offered multiple scholarships from several highly selective colleges. He has not committed to a college yet, but plans to pursue a degree in engineering. He hopes to eventually work in the field of defense and robotics.