College Readiness Benchmarks—Attainment and Near-Attainment

Graph reads: In 2009, 67% of ACT-tested high school graduates met the College Readiness Benchmark in English, while 10% scored 1 or 2 points below the Benchmark, and 23% scored 3 points or more below the Benchmark.
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An additional 10% to 15% of graduates were within 2 scale points of meeting an ACT College Readiness Benchmark in 2009, depending on subject area. This represents an additional 148,000 to 222,000 students who are close to being college ready, depending on subject area.

In 2009, 67% of graduates met the English Benchmark, while another 10% were within 2 scale points of doing so. The percentages of students within 2 scale points of the respective College Readiness Benchmark in the other subject areas are the same or greater, including 10% of graduates in Mathematics, 13% in Reading, and 15% in Science.

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