College Readiness Benchmarks—On Track and Attained

Graph reads: In 2009, 60% of EXPLORE-tested students met the College Readiness Benchmark in English, while 72% of PLAN-tested students and 67% of ACT-tested graduates did so.
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In 2009, less than 1 in 4 PLAN-tested students or ACT-tested graduates met all four College Readiness Benchmarks, and only 10% of EXPLORE-tested students did so. Only the English Benchmark was met by more than 50% of students from each of the three tests.

With the exception of Mathematics, larger increases in the percentage of students who met the Benchmarks occurred between EXPLORE and PLAN than between PLAN and the ACT, the largest being the 13 percentage point increase for students meeting the Reading and Science Benchmarks. In Mathematics, however, there was an increase of 2 percentage points in the number of students who met the Benchmark between EXPLORE and PLAN, while there was an 8 percentage point increase between PLAN and the ACT.

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