College Readiness Benchmarks by State

Graph reads: In 2010, less than 30% of the ACT-tested high school graduates in 6 states (e.g., Florida) met three or four College Readiness Benchmarks. Results are not shown for 22 states (e.g., Washington) within which fewer than 40% of graduates took the ACT.
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Of the 28 states where at least 40% of all 2010 high school graduates took the ACT, in only 1 did more than 50% of their ACT-tested graduates meet at least three College Readiness Benchmarks. In no state did more than 54% of ACT-tested graduates meet three or four Benchmarks.

In 11 states, 40%–49% of their graduates met at least three of the four Benchmarks. In another 10 states, 30%–39% of graduates met at least three of the four College Readiness Benchmarks in 2010, while less than 30% of graduates did so in 6 states.

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