College Readiness Benchmarks by Race/Ethnicity

Graph reads: In 2010, 34% of ACT-tested African American high school graduates met the College Readiness Benchmark in English, while 21% did so in Reading.
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Almost 4 in 10 (39%) of all Asian American/Pacific Islander graduates met all four College Readiness Benchmarks, more than graduates from all other racial/ethnic groups in 2010. African American graduates were least likely to meet the Benchmarks—4% met all four.

Graduates from most racial/ethnic groups were most likely to meet the English Benchmark, followed in order by the Reading, Mathematics, and Science Benchmarks. In three of the four subject areas, individual Benchmarks were met by at least 50% of Asian American/Pacific Islander and White students, while one was met by at least 50% of American Indian/Alaska Native students. None of the Benchmarks were met by at least 50% of Hispanic or African American students.

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