Academic Achievement & Academic Behaviors

Impact of Academic Behaviors on High School Performance

Average High School GPA by EXPLORE Benchmarks and Academic Behavior Scales
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ACT research based on a large sample shows that the combination of middle school academic achievement (as measured with EXPLORE) and academic behaviors (as measured with ENGAGE™) provides the strongest prediction of high school academic performance and success. This chart highlights the need to address students' academic behaviors to improve academic performance across all achievement levels.

Across all three EXPLORE Benchmark attainment levels, students with higher academic behavior levels had higher high school GPAs than students with lower academic behavior levels.

Note: Data are on 3,289 students in 22 middle schools across eight states who were tested with EXPLORE and ENGAGE, an assessment of academic behaviors. Most students in this sample completed high school in 2011. These data do not reflect the entire 2011 ACT-tested high school graduate cohort.

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