Career Interests & Projected Job Openings

Graph reads: In 2011, Education was projected to be one of the five fastest-growing career fields, accounting for 15% of all job openings in 2018. About 8% of all 2011 ACT-tested high school graduates indicated a career interest in Education.
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The five fastest-growing career fields based on 2008–18 annual projected job openings account for 56% of the demand for jobs calling for at least a 2-year degree. The percentage of 2011 ACT-tested high school graduates interested in careers in these fields was less than the projected demand.

In all five fields, the projected demand was nearly twice that of the potential supply, or more. In Marketing/Sales and Computer/Information Specialties fields, the projected demand was substantially greater than the potential supply.

Note: 2008–2018 projected job openings data are from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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