College Readiness Benchmarks—On Target and Attained

Graph reads: In 2011, 63% of 2010–11 EXPLOREtested students met the College Readiness Benchmark in English, while 69% of 2010–11 PLAN-tested students and 66% of 2011 ACT-tested graduates did so.
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A quarter (25%) of 2011 ACT-tested graduates met all four College Readiness Benchmarks, while only 18% of 2010–11 PLAN-tested 10th graders and 13% of 2010–11 EXPLORE-tested students did so. Across the grade levels, only the English Benchmark was met by more than 50% of all tested students.

For all subjects, the percentages of 10th graders meeting the Benchmarks were higher than the corresponding percentages of 8th graders. With the exception of English, the percentages of high school graduates meeting the Benchmarks were equal to or higher than the corresponding percentages of 10th graders.

Note: Data here are cross sectional and not longitudinal, reflecting three different groups of students.

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