Percent of Graduates Who Took a Core Curriculum by Race/Ethnicity

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Seventy-six percent of all 2012 ACT-tested high school graduates took at least a minimum core high school curriculum to prepare them for college.

Asian students (81%) were most likely to complete a core curriculum, while 74% of Pacific Islander and 77% of White students did so. Smaller percentages of African American (72%), American Indian (66%), and Hispanic (73%) students completed a core curriculum.

Note: Race/ethnicity categories changed in 2011 to reflect updated US Department of Education reporting requirements.

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Percent of ACT-Tested High School Graduates Who Completed a Core Curriculum by Race/Ethnicity, 2012

Graph reads: In 2012, 72% of all African American high school graduates who had taken the ACT test had completed, or had planned to complete, at least a core curriculum.

African American72%
American Indian66%
Pacific Islander74%