Educational Aspirations by Race/Ethnicity

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About 87% of all 2013 ACT-tested high school graduates aspired to attain at least a 2-year postsecondary degree, regardless of race/ethnicity.

About 82% of Asian graduates aspired to earn at least a bachelor’s degree, with 53% aspiring to continue their formal education beyond a 4-year degree. American Indian graduates (28%) were the least likely to aspire to a graduate or professional degree; 33%–36% of African American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, or White graduates aspired to a graduate or professional degree.

Note: Columns may not sum to 100% due to rounding. Race/ethnicity categories changed in 2011 to reflect updated US Department of Education reporting requirements.

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Percent of ACT-Tested High School Graduates by Race/Ethnicity and Educational Aspirations, 2013

Graph reads: In 2013, 33% of ACT-tested African American high school graduates aspired to a graduate or professional degree, 45% to a bachelor’s degree, 8% to an associate’s or voc-tech degree, and 14% to another degree type (or provided no response).

GoalAfrican AmericanAmerican IndianAsianHispanicPacific IslanderWhiteAll
Graduate/ Professional Degree33%28%53%35%36%36%36%
Bachelor's Degree45%46%29%41%43%47%44%
Associate's/ Voc-tech Degree8%12%2%7%5%6%6%
Other/ No Response14%14%15%17%15%10%13%