Recent Validity Evidence for Value-Added Measures of Teacher Performance

The report, Recent Validity Evidence for Value-Added Measures of Teacher Performance (PDF, 6 pages), has research supporting the addition of value-added measures in teacher evaluations. The report reviews four main criticisms regarding the validity of teacher evaluations based on student academic performance, and refutes those criticisms with evidence from recent research studies.

The analysis shows the benefits of using value-added estimates when determining the quality of teachers. The report offers the following research evidence:

  • Value-added measures are able to predict the achievement of students assigned to a teacher despite being subject to some error.
  • The outcome of value-added measures is not distorted by potential background variables.
  • Value-added measures stabilize over multiple years.
  • Value-added measures highly correlate with teaching practices and relate to other teacher quality measures.

Combining the new method of value-added estimates with classroom observations and other measures of teacher quality will improve the accuracy of teacher evaluations, which is the first step to ensuring that students are receiving the best instruction possible.

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