Information Brief 2012-10

ACT College Readiness Benchmark Attainment by Career Interests

The chart below shows how attainment of the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks in English, mathematics, reading, and science among ACT-tested 2011 high school graduates varies with occupational choice across racial/ethnic groups. The percentage of students who met all 4 ACT College Readiness Benchmarks varies substantially both by occupational choice and by racial/ethnic group.

Percentage Meeting All 4 College Readiness Benchmarks by Occupational Choice

Occupational FieldAfrican
Applied Arts (Visual)321720
Community Service4381026
Engineering & Technologies7441846
Health Care119414
Medical Diagnosis & Treatment9541939
Natural Science & Technologies8501942
Social Science6401232
All Students4391129

Note: The data for “All Students” are based on approximately 1.6 million students who took the ACT® test in 2011. All other data are based on a subset of 944,366 students who reported an occupational choice and were very sure or fairly sure about their choice. About 6 percent of these students were very sure or fairly sure about their choice but did not specify it.

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