Information Brief 2012-43

Value of Teacher Observation and Feedback

Perceptions at Higher Performing High Schools

A fall 2011 survey assessed practices that teachers and administrators at higher performing high schools believe make a difference in preparing students for college and career readiness.

The importance of practices related to teacher monitoring, feedback, and evaluation varied significantly across types of staff, with administrators being more likely to rate these practices as important. For example, 54% of the administrators rated their time spent in classrooms observing and coaching teachers as contributing a great deal to student achievement, as compared to less than 25% of teachers.

Perceived Value of Administrator Observation and Feedback

Percent Responding Contributes “a Great Deal”
School administrators provide feedback to teachers after classroom visits.49%25%
School administrators frequently observe teachers to monitor instructional practice and curriculum delivery.47%22%
School administrators spend time in classrooms observing and coaching teachers.54%21%

Note: Data come from 272 educators from 63 high performing high schools across 25 states. Schools were selected based on students’ growth towards college and career readiness or based on improvement in average ACT scores over time.

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