Information Brief 2013-16

Working While in College

The Great Recession began in late 2007 reducing the wealth of many US families. Given the reduction in economic resources to pay for college, one might expect that high school students would anticipate working during college to supplement their family income.

While the majority of ACT-tested high school graduates from 2007 to 2012 planned to work 11 or more hours during college, the percentage planning to work has declined. In 2006, approximately 63% of students taking the ACT stated that they planned on working 11 or more hours while attending college. The percentage declined each year until 2011 when 60% claimed that they were planning on working 11 or more hours per week during college.

Percentage of ACT-Tested High School Graduates Planning to Work 11 or More Hours a Week in College, 2006–2012

YearH.S. Grads Planning to Work in College

Note: Data are limited to students who indicated that they were planning on attending college.

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