Information Brief 2013-24

Strength of Career Interests by Race/Ethnicity 2013

Among ACT-tested 2013 high school graduates, African American and Hispanic students are more certain of their career intentions than White and Asian Students.1 African American students have particularly strong career intentions—45% of African American students in the Class of 2013 indicated that they are “very sure” of their career choice.

Strength of Career Intentions by Race/Ethnicity

Race/EthnicityVery SureFairly SureNot Sure
African American45.1%39.24%15.66%

Note: Based on data from 1,531,935 ACT-tested 2013 high school graduates who reported strength of career intentions. Approximately 5% did not indicate strength of their career choice.

1 Similar patterns were observed for both 2011 and 2012 ACT-tested graduates. See ACT Information Briefs 2012-8 and 2012-34.

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