Information Brief 2013-45

ACT National Curriculum Survey®: K–12 Teachers’ Familiarity with the Common Core State Standards

Percent of K–12 Teachers Reporting Various Degrees of Familiarity with the Common Core State Standards

LevelNot Heard of ThemHeard of Them, but Know Very LittleKnow a Moderate AmountKnow a Lot
Elementary School3%25%48%23%
Middle School4%25%46%26%
High School5%24%49%21%

Given recent and pending implementations of the Common Core State Standards across the grade levels from kindergarten through twelfth grade, the percentages shown in the figure above suggest that a number of the teachers we surveyed in the ACT National Curriculum Survey may lag in knowledge about the standards.1

Of the three groups, high school teachers—those with the most proximate responsibility to help ensure that students are prepared for college-level work—have the smallest percentage who report knowing a lot about the Common Core. This may be due in part to local and district awareness efforts in states that have chosen to focus first on earlier grades.

1 ACT, Inc., ACT National Curriculum Survey 2012: Policy Implications on Preparing for Higher Standards (Iowa City, IA: Author, 2013).

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