Research Reports

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A Review of State Test Security Laws in 2013, Michelle Croft.

Validity Evidence for ACT Compass® Placement Tests, Paul A. Westrick, Jeff Allen.

Catching Up to College and Career Readiness in Arkansas, Chrys Dougherty, Linda Hiserote, Teresa Shaw.

Catching Up to College and Career Readiness in Kentucky, Chrys Dougherty, Linda Hiserote, Teresa Shaw.


A Study of the Effectiveness of Developmental Courses for Improving Success in College, Julie Noble, Richard Sawyer.

A Comparison of Four Linear Equating Methods for the Common-Item Nonequivalent Groups Design Using Simulation Methods, Anna Topczewski, Zhongmin Cui, David Woodruff, Hanwei Chen, Yu Fang.

High School Grade Inflation from 2004 to 2011, Qian Zhang, Edgar I. Sanchez.

Differential Effects of Using ACT® College Readiness Assessment Scores and High School GPA to Predict First-Year College GPA among Racial/Ethnic, Gender, and Income Groups, Edgar I. Sanchez.

Differential Effects on Student Demographic Groups of Using ACT® College Readiness Assessment Composite Score, ACT Benchmarks, and High School Grade Point Average for Predicting Long-Term College Success through Degree Completion, Justine Radunzel, Julie Noble.

Updating the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks, Jeff Allen.

A Comparison of Three Methods for Computing Scale Score Conditional Standard Errors of Measurement, David Woodruff, Anne Traynor, Zhongmin Cui, Yu Fang.

Trends in Achievement Gaps in First-Year College Courses for Racial/Ethnic, Income, and Gender Subgroups: A 12-Year Study, Julie Lorah, Edwin Ndum.

Interpreting Changes Over Time in High School Average ACT® College Readiness Assessment Composite Scores and ACT College Readiness Benchmark Attainment Rates, Richard Sawyer.


Grade 8 to 12 Academic Growth Patterns for English Language Learners and Students with Disabilities, Dina Bassiri, Jeff Allen.

Tracking 2003 ACT-Tested High School Graduates: College Readiness, Enrollment, and Long-Term Success, Justine Radunzel, Julie Noble.

Exploratory Analyses of the Long-Term Effects of Improving Behavior, Attendance, and Educational Achievement in Grades 1–6 and 8–12, Richard Sawyer, Neal Gibson.

Examining the Relationship of QualityCore® Implementation and Student Achievement in Algebra I, Edwin Ndum, Jeff Allen, Teri Fisher.

Predicting Long-Term College Success through Degree Completion Using ACT® Composite Score, ACT Benchmarks, and High School Grade Point Average, Justine Radunzel, Julie Noble.

Multistage Adaptive Testing for a Large-Scale Classification Test: Design, Heuristic Assembly, and Comparison with Other Testing Modes, Yi Zheng, Yuki Nozawa, Xiaohong Gao, Hua-Hua Chang.

Implications of Educational Attainment Trends for Labor Market Outcomes, Richard Buddin.

Relationships of Examinee Pair Characteristics and Item Response Similarity, Jeff Allen.

Getting Students on Track to College and Career Readiness: How Many Catch Up from Far Behind?, Chrys Dougherty, Steve Fleming.

Statistical Considerations in Choosing a Test Reliability Coefficient, David Woodruff, Yi-Fang Wu.


Development and Validation of ENGAGE™ Grades 6–9, Alex Casillas, Jeff Allen, Yi-Lung Kuo, Susan Pappas, Mary Ann Hanson, Steve Robbins.

Lessons Learned Implementing Online Teacher Professional Development within a School Improvement Initiative, Jeff Allen, Teri Fisher, Steve Robbins, Joann Moore, Jill Buck, Tamera McKinniss, Mary Ann Hanson.


Evaluating the Effects of Differences in Group Abilities on the Tucker and the Levine Observed-Score Methods for Common-Item Nonequivalent Groups Equating, Hanwei Chen, Zhongmin Cui, Rongchun Zhu, Xiaohong Gao.

Usefulness of High School Average and ACT Scores in Making College Admission Decisions, Richard Sawyer.


Statistical Properties of Accountability Measures Based on ACT's Educational Planning and Assessment System, Jeff Allen, Dina Bassiri, Julie Noble.

Linking Item Parameters to a Base Scale, Taehoon Kang, Nancy Petersen.


Benefits of Additional High School Course Work and Improved Course Performance in Preparing Students for College, Richard Sawyer.


An Investigation of the Performance of the Generalized S-X2 Item-Fit Index for Polytomous IRT Models, Taehoon Kang, Troy T. Chen.

Using Hierarchical Modeling to Examine Course Work and ACT Score Relationships Across High Schools, Julie P. Noble, Diane Schnelker.


Student Achievement, Behavior, Perceptions, and Other Factors Affecting ACT Scores, Julie P. Noble, William L. Roberts, Richard L. Sawyer.


School-level Benefits of Using PLAN Over Time, Natasha J. Williams, Julie P. Noble.

Modeling the Effectiveness of Developmental Instruction, Yelena Perkhounkova, Julie Noble, Richard Sawyer.

Using ACT Assessment Scores to Set Benchmarks for College Readiness, Jeff Allen, Jim Sconing.


Academic and Noncognitive Variables Related to PLAN Scores, William L. Roberts, Julie P. Noble.

Differential Grading Standards Among High Schools , David J. Woodruff, Robert L. Ziomek.

Inventory of Work-Relevant Values: 2001 Revision , Becky L. Bobek, Paul A. Gore.

High School Grade Inflation From 1991 to 2003, David J. Woodruff, Robert L. Ziomek.

IRT Scale Linking Methods for Mixed-Format Tests, Seonghoon Kim, Won-Chan Lee.


The Effects of Using ACT Composite Score and High School Average on College Admission Decisions for Racial/Ethnic Groups, Julie Noble.

The Effects of Using EPAS® Programs on PLAN and ACT Assessment Performance, Julie Noble.

The Relationship Between Schedule Type and ACT Assessment Scores: A Longitudinal Study, Matt T. Harmston, Ann-Maureen Pliska, Robert L. Ziomek & Donald G. Hackmann.

Constructing a Universal Scale of High School Course Difficulty, Dina Bassiri & E. Mathew Schulz.

Relationships Between EPAS Scores and College Preparatory Course Work in High School, David J. Woodruff.

A Comparison of Two Linking Methods for Multidimensional IRT Scale Transformations, Kyung-Seok Min, Jong-Pil Kim.


Data Sparseness and Online Pretest Item Calibration/Scaling Methods in CAT, Jae-Chun Ban, Bradley A. Hanson, Qing Yi & Deborah J. Harris.

Bayesian Statistical Inference for Coefficient Alpha, Jun Corser Li & David J. Woodruff.

Controlling Item Allocation in the Automated Assembly of Multiple Test Forms, Judy Spray, Chuan-Ju Lin & Troy T. Chen.

Predicting Different Levels of Academic Success in College Using High School GPA and ACT Composite Score, Julie Noble & Richard Sawyer.

Interval Estimation for True Scores Under Various Scale Transformations, Won-Chan Lee, Robert L. Brennan & Michael J. Kolen.


Suggestions for the Evaluation and Use of Concordance Results, Bradley A. Hanson, Deborah J. Harris, Mary Pommerich, James A. Sconing & Qing Yi.

Controlling for Rater Effects When Comparing Survey Items With Incomplete Likert Data, E. Matthew Schulz & Anji Sun.

Trends in ACT Mathematics and Science Reasoning Achievement, Curricular Choice, and Intent for College Major:1995–2000, Matt T. Harmston & Ann-Maureen Pliska.

Alternatives to the Grade Point Average as Measures of Academic Achievement in College, Pui-Wa Lei, Dina Bassiri & E. Matthew Schulz.


Issues in Creating and Reporting Concordance Results Based on Equipercentile Methods, Mary Pommerich, Bradley A. Hanson, Deborah J. Harris & James A. Sconing.

Effects of Scale Transformation and Test Termination Rule on the Precision of Ability Estimates in CAT, Qing Yi, Tianyou Wang & Jae-Chun Ban.

Validating Two-Stage Course Placement Systems When Data Are Truncated, Jeff Schiel & Matt Harmston.

Estimating Item Parameters from Classical Indices for Item Pool Development with a Computerized Classification Test, Chi-Yu Huang, John C. Kalohn, Chuan-Ju Lin & Judith Spray.

Science Course Taking, Out-of-Class Science Accomplishments, and Achievement in the High School Graduating Class of 1998, Gail T. McLure & John W. McLure.

Does Self-Stereotyping Affect Performance on the ACT Assessment?, Peggy Loveless.

Posttesting Students to Assess the Effectiveness of Remedial Instruction in College, Richard Sawyer & Jeff Schiel.

Effects of Item-Selection Criteria on Classification Testing with the Sequential Probability Ratio Test, Chuan-Ju Lin & Judith Spray.

Effects of Differential Prediction in College Admissions for Traditional- and Nontraditional-Aged Students, Julie Noble.

Procedures for Computing Classification Consistency and Accuracy Indices with Multiple Categories, Won-Chan Lee, Bradley A. Hanson, & Robert L. Brennan.

A Comparative Study of Online Pretest Item Calibration/Scaling Methods in CAT, Jae-Chun Ban, Bradley A. Hanson, Tianyou Wang, Qing Yi, & Deborah J. Harris.