CAAP Content Analysis Report

The CAAP Content Analysis Report provides an in-depth evaluation of your students' relative strengths and weaknesses in each content area of a specified test module.

Information is provided for groups of students at the level of specific topics within the content module/form pairing. Students' performance on items associated with each topic is reported in terms of average percent of items correct (or average item difficulty) and can be compared with the performance of students on the same topics at other institutions who have tested with any active form of the same CAAP module.

Reports can be ordered at any time during the calendar year and will include results for the particular group of students you request and for which ACT has received and scored answer documents. A minimum of 25 records per test form/module pairing is necessary to generate a report.

Here are some questions that a CAAP Content Analysis Report can help address in the areas of writing skills, reading, mathematics, science, and critical thinking:

  • How does the achievement of your entire group of students compare to students nationally within specific content areas?
  • Is this comparison the same for just your low-achieving students? High achieving?
  • Which content areas were most difficult for your students?

Page from sample CAAP Content Analysis Report

Sample page

For more information or to request order forms, please call the CAAP Content Analysis representative at 319.337.1576.

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