COMPASS/CAAP Linkage Report

The COMPASS/CAAP Linkage Report presents an analysis of performance for students who tested with COMPASS® on entry to college and with CAAP at a later date.Each report is designed to assist institutions in investigating general education-related student cognitive skill growth from the time students enter college until they are tested with CAAP.

A COMPASS/CAAP Linkage Report can be ordered at any time during the calendar year and will include results that use institutionally requested COMPASS and CAAP scores (e.g., an institution may choose to link COMPASS scores to CAAP scores for the present year and up to three years preceding).

Here are some questions that a COMPASS/CAAP Linkage Report can begin to address:

  • How does the absolute performance of local students on COMPASS and CAAP compare to the national reference group?
  • How have local students changed in terms of cognitive skills related to general education, compared to a national reference group (e.g., have students demonstrated less growth than expected, expected growth, or more growth than expected)?

Here are samples of the information the report provides:

Sample page from report

Sample page from report

For more information about ordering a COMPASS/CAAP Linkage Report, contact ACT at 319.337.1576.

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