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Washington State: Students Use Standards for Transition to Explain Scores to Parents

At Greenacres Junior High School in the state of Washington, the teachers don't explain EXPLORE® results to the parents: the students do. “It was awesome,” says counselor Cheryl Regnier, to watch student-led conferences where children don't just explain their percentile scores to their parents, but also use the Standards and Pathways for Transition to show their parents what they know and can do and what they need to learn next.

Before the meetings, teachers and counselors met with the students in their classrooms. “For each content area, we copied the Standards onto one side of a sheet of paper and the Pathways onto the other. When we got the test results, we went into the classroom, handed every kid a highlighter, and said, ‘Go to your English score and highlight what it is you know and can do. Then flip the paper over and find what you need to learn next.’”

The project was a great experience for teachers and for students. Students who didn't do well on the tests didn't feel discouraged, because the Standards and Pathways show students that they all know something—and they all have something to learn.

Teachers were a little worried, at first, that they'd have to help interpret information for the students, but “Those kids know what they're saying!” counselor Regnier says the teachers reported. “It's one of the best things I've done as a counselor,” she says.