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Instructional Support Workshop Materials

These materials have been designed primarily for ACT workshop participants to help them explore the relationships between the College Readiness Standards; the test questions on ACT Explore, ACT Plan, and the ACT; school curricula; and classroom practice.

Abbreviated Test Booklets:
ACT Explore, ACT Plan, the ACT (57 pages, 373KB)
ACT Explore (14 pages, 225KB)
ACT Plan (18 pages, 224KB)
the ACT (18 pages, 233KB)
Test Question Analysis Activity Booklets:
ACT Explore (13 pages, 205KB)
ACT Plan (13 pages, 212KB)
the ACT (13 pages, 212KB)
College Readiness Standards Tables—for use with Test Question Analysis Activity Booklets (4 pages, 1,037KB)
Sample Test Questions Matched to College Readiness Standards Booklets:
ACT Explore (13 pages, 245KB)
ACT Plan (17 pages, 242KB)
the ACT (16 pages, 255KB)
Curriculum Review Worksheets (32 pages, 196KB)