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Ideas for Progress: English, Range 1–12

To enhance their skills in each English-related strand, students who score in the 1–12 score range on the ACT® college readiness assessment may benefit from activities that encourage them to do the following:

Score Range 1–12
Production of Writing Topic Development in Terms of Purpose and Focus
  • act like an editor and delete inappropriate or extraneous information from own drafts
  • regularly write informal responses to literature (fiction and nonfiction) in journal to gain writing fluency (e.g., the rhythm and flow of sentences)
Organization, Unity, and Cohesion
  • write short drafts, in a variety of genres, focusing on using transition words and phrases to establish time relationships
  • use paragraphing as an organizational device
Knowledge of Language Knowledge of Language
  • revise drafts to clarify sentences containing too many phrases and clauses
  • check drafts to ensure that pronoun references are clear
  • revise drafts to delete vague words (e.g., really, very, big, kind of)
Conventions of Standard English Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation Sentence Structure and Formation
  • vary sentence length by combining simple sentences
  • check drafts to make sure verb tenses are consistent
Usage Conventions
  • use comparative and superlative adjectives (e.g., well, less, worst) correctly
Punctuation Conventions
  • learn to recognize when commas are overused by making classroom posters with examples of places where commas are typically used incorrectly and unnecessarily