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Ideas for Progress: Range 13–15

ACT Explore/ACT Plan/The ACT English

To enhance their skills in each English-related strand, students who score in the 13–15 score range may benefit from activities that encourage them to do the following:

Score Range 13–15
Topic Development in Terms of Purpose and Focus
  • read writers of various genres and imitate their work
  • revise writing to ensure that every sentence is necessary to the purpose of the piece and that no important information has been left out
Organization, Unity, and Coherence
  • write many simply organized short texts of various genres
  • revise writing to ensure that information is in the best order
Word Choice in Terms of Style, Tone, Clarity, and Economy
  • identify and revise obviously wordy, redundant, or cluttered material
Sentence Structure and Formation
  • revise writing to correct glaring shifts in verb tense or voice
Conventions of Usage
  • revise writing to correct basic grammar and punctuation errors
  • practice and understand correct usage of common homonyms (e.g., their/there, past/passed)
Conventions of Punctuation
  • practice using punctuation correctly in simple sentences (e.g., “He ran, jumped, and swam.”)
  • check for and correct unnecessary commas